IMAGE rules of the road

IMAGE has an "open access" policy, i.e. the final magnetometer data are freely available for scientific use. However, we would like the users to take into account the following viewpoint: The institutes maintaining the network have allocated a considerable amount of resources to provide high-quality data. Therefore we kindly ask the data users in case of a substantial use to consider to offer a co-authorship to such IMAGE team members who may have a potential interest in the study. This shall not restrict the research area nor delay the publication process, but promote fruitful scientific co-operation. Producing magnetograms or similar simple plots or describing qualitative features of data is not considered as a substantial use.

A basic reference to IMAGE is
Tanskanen, E.I. (2009), A comprehensive high-throughput analysis of substorms observed by IMAGE magnetometer network: Years 1993-2003 examined, J. Geophys. Res., 114, A05204, doi:10.1029/2008JA013682.

In any papers or presentations using IMAGE data, add also an acknowledgement such as "We thank the institutes who maintain the IMAGE Magnetometer Array."

Any questions concerning the data policy can be directed to the PI (liisa.juusola (at)

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