Technical Notes

The IGRF-applet uses some of the JDK 1.1 features like the event delegation model and anonymous inner classes which is why it requires a WWW-browser with JDK 1.1 support.

If possible, the Internet Explorer should be used to view the applet because it has a more stable Java Virtual Machine (JVM) than the Netscape Navigator.

Mac users need to use a WWW-browser that supports the Mac OS Runtime for Java (MRJ). This can be either

Under Mac OS 9 the Netscape Navigator 4.76 with the MRJ-plugin enabled works well but under Mac OS 8.x it might not work as desired.

Problems might occur also under Windows 95/98/NT. Under Windows 2000 and Linux the applet should work well. Under other unix-like platforms the applet has not been tested.

The contents of this CD-ROM disc may be copied on a hard disc. This may be a good idea if the CD-ROM drive is slow and plotting a map takes a long time.

Copyright © 2000 Kimmo Korhonen